Profiles of the DaSouza Children
November 26, 2004
Profiles of the DaSouza Children


This is Natasha. She is 13 years old. Natasha attends Georgetown Secondary School. She is the eldest of the children, and is seen by the others as the mother figure, because she does a lot of work around the house and is of a caring nature. {{more}}Natasha wants to be a caregiver. Most of all she would like to see a computer under her Christmas tree this year.


Natesha, 10 years old. Somehow, Natesha seems to be at peace and is always smiling sweetly. Natesha attends Overland Primary School. When asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, she promptly said: “A teacher!” Natesha said she would like Santa to bring her a doll with clothes and a doll house.


Courtney, the only boy, is 7 years old. He also attends Overland Primary School. Courtney still has a vivid memory of what happened last year August and used to carry the anger inside of him after witnessing the gruesome event. He is now more calm and wants to become a policeman. What Courtney wants for Christmas is a radio controlled car and a Spiderman toy.

CHEVONNA: Chevonna, 6, is very shy. Like some of the others she attends Overland Primary School. Since the incident, she hardly used to talk to anyone, but now she is much more open. Reports are that she used to scream out in the night crying for her mother. Now she seems to be getting over that… Chevonna wants to be a hairdresser, but for Christmas she wants a bicycle.