How we communicate
November 26, 2004
How we communicate

The Communications Unit in the Ministry has as its responsibilities local public awareness, public relations, training and tourism education. The Unit also co-ordinated the community-based tourism programme, working closely with the various tourism associations.

An extensive public awareness programme was conducted this year in the electronic and print media, via its “Tourism in Action” television series, radio, television and print ads focussing on pride in the country, self and job as it relates to the tourism sector, as well as ads highlighting local festivals and activities. {{more}}

In the area of public relations, the Unit sought the assistance of the local media to keep the general public abreast of developments, changes and the overall state of the tourism sector in the country, while addressing complaints and concerns of Vincentians as well as visitors.

So far for this year, 14 sessions have been conducted under the Ministry’s Training/Human Resource Development Programme. These sessions were held with tour guides, port police, security officers, nurses, frontline personnel and managers and focussed primarily on customer service. Sessions were also held with staff at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

The Tourism Education Programme this year focussed on school visits and field trips. Additionally, sessions were held during the summer with children at the VINSAVE pre-school. The tourism education officer has also been working on the implementation of a World Bank HIV/AIDS Programme that has a tourism education focus. Efforts are also being made to work along with the Junior Achievement Programme in schools, which has a tourism education focus this year.

Under the Tourism Education Programme, several essay and poster competitions were held, sponsored by travel and tourism entities such as the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association and Travel and Leisure magazine. This year David Regisford, winner of the 2003 public speaking competition, represented the country at the CTO Youth Congress held at CTC-27 in Aruba. Regisford was chaperoned by tourism education officer Marina Lampkin.

This year the North Windward Tourism Association (NWTA) and the Canouan Tourism Association were established. The NWTA has been working on two projects, upgrading and landscaping tourism sites in the area and producing an indigenous cookbook, while the Canouan Association is in the process of implementing a signage project on that Grenadine island.

The North Leeward Tourism Association has continued to function and is currently working on establishing a tour guide presence in the Cumberland Bay area.

The Communications Unit is virtually the mouthpiece of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and continues to use its slogan “Together Let’s Make Tourism Work” in its local efforts in the development of the sector.