Developing the product
November 26, 2004

Developing the product

The Product Development Unit is primarily engaged in the development of new and existing attractions and sites throughout St. Vincent and Grenadines. This department is particularly concerned with ensuring that the country’s tourism product is of a good standard offering “value for money”. {{more}}

What we do in this Unit (Product Development)

* Research information to assist with product development planning

* Work with local tour operators to design and develop local tours and recreational facilities

* Undertake periodic visits to the sites to assess the status of facilities offered and make appropriate recommendations

* Work closely with cruise ship agents to provide the onshore requirements of the cruise visitors

* Assist with the preparation of the cruise ship list

* Supervise the work of small contractors working on projects being undertaken by the Ministry of Tourism.

During the last year officers in the Product Development Unit received training in different fields. Executive officer, Product Development Unit, Camille Soleyn, received training in sustainable tourism development in Japan while product development officer Branson Thomas received training in waterfall development in Grenada.

Works on the following projects were implemented:

* Heritage tourism

* Fort Charlotte

* Completion of the restoration work.

* Establishment of the historical museum

* Interpretation

* Tourism development

* Upgrading 300 ft. of earthen road to concrete at

Trinity Falls

* 300 ft. of concrete road at Dark View Falls.

* Improvement of trails at Dark View and Trinity Falls.

* Construction of boardwalk and signage at Falls of Baleine.