Elva Gaymes – essential  to Millennium Mart
November 12, 2004
Elva Gaymes – essential to Millennium Mart

Everyone has agreed that Millennium Mart is worth its space. Elva Gaymes is no exception.

For her, this establishment has provided a new lease. Mother of eight, this is Gaymes’ first job. And Richardson has confidence to make her deputy manager. {{more}}

Gaymes looks at her work as a “good experience”.

She was one of the first batches of students at the Barrouallie Secondary School.

She is putting the pieces together and this job is useful financially.

“That put food in the kitchen,” she pointed out.

With a husband unemployed, one child at Community College, and another at St. Martin’s Secondary, Gaymes is happy with her attachment. She is appreciative of the mini supermarket and declared: “People prefer this. You don’t have to come with any bag.

“This thing lifts up Barrouallie,” Gaymes said.