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Barrouallie into Millennium shopping

Barrouallie into Millennium shopping

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People in and around the central leeward town of Barrouallie can shop supermarket-style without the 15-mile journey into capital city Kingstown. Sindy Richardson, a businesswoman in Barrouallie, has ensured that the area is provided with the service.

The establishment is called Millennium Mart, situated at Long Wall on the Leeward Highway through the town. {{more}}

At Millennium Mart, shoppers can choose from a large stock. Richardson is so pleased with the public’s reaction to the operation that she plans to add a wholesale outlet.

Richardson went to Barrouallie in 1990 after her mother migrated.

Her presence has been a boost to the community. She found out that certain items were hard to get at times.

“Sometimes you want something, I sent all over Barrouallie and I couldn’t find a place opened,” Richardson reflected.

She has worked as a secretary, but was groomed for the present with studies in business management through the University of the West Indies Distance Learning Programme.

However, starting her dream was not easy.

“Lending institutions don’t want to lend. When I was starting, they didn’t see my vision,” Richard-son pointed out. She was, however, generous in appreciation of the General Employees Cooperative Credit Union (GECCU).

Formed 40 years ago, that organisation was initially known as the Government Employees Credit Union. Because of its impact, management changed the name to reflect broader representation.

Name change or not, there was nothing to stop GECCU from identifying with Richardson’s dreams and as she put it: “GECCU came to my rescue.”

Millennium Mart has three full-time and two part-time employees. The business is emerging as a model and a symbol of new shopping.

It is an all-week operation from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Hours are flexible, however, and Millennium Mart will accommodate shoppers at their convenience.

Sunday business is also available up to reduced hours.

Millennium Mart marked its first anniversary November 2. Whether its bread, sugar, rice, flour, toothpaste, soap, or any other commodity, Millennium Mart has your order.

Richardson graduated from the A’Level College, formerly at the St. Vincent Grammar School, after attending the Girls’ High School, and with her experience in the global cycle, has shaped her response to ensure progress in whatever spheres her talent allows.