Only total customer  satisfaction will do
November 5, 2004
Only total customer satisfaction will do

by Ludwig Latchman, Walter Ballantyne and Benson Plaugh-Feddows

Among the myriad of variables that makes Guardsman the paramount security provider in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is the element of quality control. {{more}}

Guardsman has procured the services of three shift supervisors – all former members of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Service – with a combined experience of almost 30 years.

This supervisory role in the area of quality control is vital. We (supervisors) form the nucleus of the all-important link between the provider (Guardsman) and our clients.

We are directly responsible and accountable to both Guardsman and our clients to ensure that the guards are familiar and conversant with all standing orders, policies and procedures and are in compliance at all times. To this end, we conduct regular routine, random and unannounced visits to each site on every shift.

Additionally, we function as role models and guides to the rank and file guards. We offer advice and guidance and see to it that all members of the service are catered to with regard to their working conditions, comfort and overall well-being.

We are responsible to the rank and file to ensure that they are provided with the requisite tools and equipment for the proficient and professional execution of their jobs.

Guardsman’s philosophy is predicated on the total satisfaction of both the external customers (clients) and internal customers (employees). We take a comprehensive approach to the concept of absolute customer satisfaction.