Guardsman lights the way
November 5, 2004
Guardsman lights the way

by Daniel E. Cummings

Chairman, Guardsman SVG Limited

It is with a distinct sense of pleasure that I salute Guardsman SVG Limited on this the first anniversary. The pleasure comes not just from being the chairman, but from watching the significant strides the company has made in such a short time.{{more}}

So much is changing in the world today and our beautiful country is exposed to all the good and bad that is churned out by the metropolis. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary as an independent nation, we can be satisfied that Guardsman is here to help chart us through trying times and to calm the storms that villains would want to foist upon us.

The vision of the founders of Guardsman to forge a strategic alliance with a most excellent company that leads the way in this field, is exemplary. To go further and to select a chairman with an independent perspective is revolutionary by any standard and points the way forward for private sector companies in these times.

Guardsman has been able to attract many satisfied customers in such a short time. It is expanding its field of endeavours in security matters. These, however, are not the major achievements over the first year. Yes the auditors from the parent company are very pleased with the results attained. The biggest accomplishments are in the people that make up Guardsman SVG.

Not withstanding the significant efforts in identifying, screening and training staff, there have been a few mishaps. In each case, Guardsman has acted swiftly and humanely to ensure the client’s absolute confidence in us.

In such a short time, Guardsman has instituted a number of measures to develop and nurture staff while exposing them to the best training available. In a society where mediocrity, indiscipline and dishonesty are rampant, Guardsman lights the way to a world where staff is challenged to achieve excellence and where discipline and integrity in every transaction is a must.

Long live the values for which we strive! Long live SVG! Long live GUARDSMAN.