Gordon: Guardsman is simply the best
November 5, 2004
Gordon: Guardsman is simply the best

by Cecil Gordon

A former commissioner of police once said that the police force was a reflection of the community from which they came. This statement could have been taken in a positive or negative way.{{more}}

However, Guardsman SVG Limited took it in a positive light. It is well known that Guardsman SVG Limited is simply the best and in an effort to maintain and deliver the highest services to our client, we are meticulous in our recruitment process.

We ensure that applicants possess the required qualifications. We ensure that they possess a certificate of good character, attend an intensive basic training course, successfully complete the examination at the end of the training, are fitted with uniforms and assigned to a


Strong emphasis is placed on grooming and it is required that you are well presented at all times.

The quality is also maintained by our dedicated and hard working supervisors (former security officers), who visit these locations at least twice per shift to ensure that the company’s policies and regulations are strictly observed. The appropriate disciplinary action would be meted out for any deviation from the norm.

The performance of our personnel is constantly under review and those who do not measure up to the required standards would most certainly part company with Guardsman SVG Limited.

The most outstanding worker receives recognition on a quarterly basis and we provide scope for, and encourage, upward mobility.