Suzanne’s grooms elderly
October 29, 2004
Suzanne’s grooms elderly

In a continued effort to recognise the contribution that our elderly citizens have made and in some instances are still making, Suzanne’s Hair Studio held their fourth annual elderly appreciation day last Wednesday.

Elderly persons, both men and women, were given first class treatment, which included hairstyles, pedicures, manicures and a meal, all free of cost. {{more}}

Samantha Goodluck of Suzanne’s Hair Studio said that people were given whatever they requested in an effort by the salon to give recognition to the elderly and to show respect.

Lenora John of Calder said that she enjoyed the pampering given to her by the staff, “This is like a great day out from home,” said John who added that a friend had told her about the appreciation day.

Myrna Bramble described the treatment as a wonderful service.

“When you become a senior citizen it seems as if the younger ones have no use for you so this is a wonderful service from Suzanne’s,” Bramble said. She added that she hopes that other business places will take a page out of Suzannes’ book and take time to treat the senior citizens of St. Vincent with love.

Agatha Browne said that it was the first time that she was going to Suzanne’s but that the service is so great that she would be coming back.

“I love it,” said Browne. “I can come here when I want to fix my hair for harvest.”

Over 40 people used the opportunity to be groomed. Staff at the salon said that they would be appealing to the men to come out next year.

“It’s for everybody including men,” said a spokesperson who added that it seemed that the men were shying away.