Suzanne, a natural go-getter
September 24, 2004

Suzanne, a natural go-getter

She has earned the nickname “the Bulldozer” in the one year that she has worked at getting the National Investment Promotions Inc. off the ground.
“I had first declined this job when I was offered it,” Suzanne Joachim said, “because I didn’t think I had what it took to handle it.” {{more}}
But it was encouragement by others who saw much more than what Suzanne thought were her limitations that convinced her to give the job a try.
Today, she is happy she took the advice and looks back on a tiring but rewarding first year.
From someone who was reluctant to take on what she first considered an insurmountable task, Suzanne has made it a personal mission to ensure that this country has a jetport. In a way, it seems the commitment she has to that project means she can’t even leave the job until she fulfils the mission.
“It is my experience in my own business that has helped me to get this far,” she said. “I have worked more than 16 hours [a day] sometimes getting the NIPI off the ground.”
Suzanne comes from a family in which business has been as natural as breathing.
Those who have the privilege to work with her attest to the fact that she doesn’t take “no” for an answer and insists on getting the job done in a timely, professional manner no matter what it takes. It is this that has earned her the sobriquet “the Bulldozer”.
During all this time she has had to handle a near family tragedy when her only son was seriously injured in a traffic accident during the Carnival celebrations.
But in spite of the natural and understandable distraction such an event brought with it, she stayed focused on getting the NIPI going.
Today, she jokingly says, “This summer I know exactly where my son is.”
Jack, her husband, is also a well known and experienced businessman and his support to date has been critical to Suzanne’s achievement.
In fact, even he has been touched with Suzanne’s penchant to get the job done and is now referred to as “the Bulldozer Driver”.