Heineken Dee Jay clash tomorrow
September 24, 2004
Heineken Dee Jay clash tomorrow

The second leg of the local Heineken Green Synergy Disc Jockey competition comes off tomorrow (Saturday) at the Iguana in Villa.
Sales and Marketing Representative at the St.Vincent Brewery Vance Garraway said that competing DJs include Ice Kid, Psychedelic Fugitive, Chaos Sounds, Kaution Sound System, DJ Fine Style, DJ Kano and Nu Koncep. {{more}}Doors open at 9 p.m. with the competition spinning off at 10 p.m. Ten dollars will get you on the inside.
Garraway, who is also a judge in the competition, will be assisted by proprietor of the Iguana Dr. Kenneth Uno and DJs 2 Kool Chris, Sergeant Simmons and Scratch Master.
Disc Jockeys will be judged on a point scale ranging from 6 to 10. The competitors will be judged on music selection, skill level (scratch ability, tricks, and synchronicity), uniqueness, technique, overall stage presence and crowd reaction/ maintenance of crowd energy among other categories.
The winner gets EC$1000 and the first and second places will go up against first place from the first leg, DJ Pitbull (photo at left). The local finals will be held on October 9th.
The winner will do battle with DJs from nine other Caribbean countries in Antigua on August 23rd. The winner will wear the Caribbean Heineken Green Synergy Disc Jockey crown.