Art exhibition commemorates Emancipation
August 27, 2004
Art exhibition commemorates Emancipation

Vincentians and visitors got an opportunity to view local art and a collection of literature on black history, written by local and international authors, at a four-day exhibition held last week.
The exhibition, which was held at the Carnegie Building from Tuesday 17 August to Friday 20, was organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as part of activities to celebrate Emancipation Month. {{more}}
Public Relations Officer of the organizing committee, Ras Jacobs indicated some disappointment in the interest shown by the public. Jacobs said: “People came you know, but it should have been better publicized. It wasn’t to the fullest”.
But, while Jacobs was disappointed with overall public turnout, local artist Minita Fernandez-Thomas, of Calder expressed deep satisfaction with the response she received from those who viewed her creative work.
“The response has been so wonderful. Everyone tells me they love my paintings. It has been overwhelming,” Fernandez told Searchlight at the Carnegie Building.
Thomas portrayed the beautiful nature of St. Vincent and the Grenadines through her paintings. Among the things depicted in oils were a breaking wave at Argyle Bay, a vase of Daisies, the sunset, the red Hibiscus, Rawacou Beach and Trinity Falls.
Fernandez said her love for painting began at an early age but her academic studies didn’t allow her the time to study the art.
“I have always enjoyed drawing and painting since a child. I always wished I had the time to study art. After I finished school I went to Teachers’ College and then went overseas and completed my Bachelors and Masters in Education. So, I never had the time to do art. Since I got my qualifications and now that I have grown up there is more time to dedicate to painting”, she stated.
Fernandez said she started painting seriously in 1996 but did not get into commercial art until two years ago. She said she was invited to the Dominican Republic on several occasions to participate in painting exhibitions, but wanted her first public event to be special and she preferred to do it in her native St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Fernandez said she preferred real estate painting which depicts nature.
“God has made so many beautiful things. So, it is a pleasure to produce these things on canvass- the flowers, the mountains, the waterfalls. For me it is so wonderful to capture these beautiful things”.
Fernandez who has a Masters degree in Special Education has taught in different countries and resides in the Dominican Republic.