Waiting 8 years for Mas title
July 30, 2004
Waiting 8 years for Mas title

It took the Heineken Dragons Cultural Organisation eight years to recapture the Band of the Year title. But 2004 was enough time for them to gather their forces, their wits, and a theme worthy for them to ascend the pinnacle. And they lived up to the billing. They took the top spot with a presentation called ‘Fanfare,’ and how appropriate can a title be. {{more}}
Mas lovers will have to salute when the Dragons’ entourage passes.
They are already reaping the spill over of their success. Two members, band leader Elliot Telesford and veteran King of bands player Trevor ‘Third’ World’ DeShong accompanied Miss SVG 2004 Javorne Williams to the Pageant in Antigua and Barbuda over this weekend.
Dragons’ success on the Vincentian front should propel Javorne in the costume segment. And given the regal combination, Javorne ought to be in good standing to add to her Miss SVG crown.
The momentum of Dragons’ success should spark some creativity in Javorne with her having overcome the surprise of her Miss SVG success and having endured the reality of participation in the Miss Carival contest.
If it took Dragons eight years to return to glory, there is every incentive for them to want to keep it. Next year is a landmark year in the life of that organsiation. They pride themselves in being the oldest Mas band here. No other band can claim to being close to that number. Their lack of success over the years might have been attributed to whatever factors, but Dragons appears to have found the keys to the mystery that kept them from success.
Dragons have determined their 40th anniversary presentation, appropriately dubbed celebration. If they are to retain their triumph, the portrayal will be even more timely and ideal. But there are nine other bands jealous of Dragons’ jubilation and the battle for the Band of the Year will be as intense as it ever has been.