Splectron stages Posses fun day
July 30, 2004

Splectron stages Posses fun day

Vincentians will be getting together in an unusual way. That’s when all posses will assemble for the Guiness Inter-Posse Boat Ride.
The event unfolds in the Grenadine island of Bequia Sunday August 1. Action starts on the boat Jaden-T for the ride. {{more}}
“We want all the posses in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to come,” said Regis ‘Splectron’ Williams promoter.
Posses will participate as a team in games like Egg & Spoon, Bag Race, Stocking Race, Needle & Thread, and Donkey Race –where men will run with women on their backs. There will also be a men and women Tug-O-War.
According to Splectron, the biggest posse will be rewarded as well as the best dressed. The biggest female posse also gets a reward.
The posse with the most points will be adjudged the Posse of the year. Winners will receive prizes at a fair.
Splectron explained that efforts are being made to have posses operate in an organised manner. Instead of just waving flags at shows the promoter said, posses are getting involved in community activities. Very soon a Posse Association will be established to guarantee that all posses behave in a disciplined way.
Music will be provided by I-Con, D.J Taurus, 2 Kool Kris, Bashment Boys and crewmembers of Rush Hour T.V.