Romeos—in love with upholstering
July 30, 2004
Romeos—in love with upholstering

Twenty-five years is normally associated with silver, but being around for over 25 years, the service being given at Romeo’s Upholstery and Soft Furnishings is golden.
Romeo’s Upholstery and Soft Furnishings is owned by Vincent and Avery Romeo. {{more}} It is located in Cemetery Hill just above the National Netball Centre and with over 25 years of experience you can bet that every job that comes out of the two-storey establishment is done with pride and skill that is second to none in St. Vincent’s upholstery circuit.
Married for over ten years, Vincent and Avery recall the starting of Romeo’s Upholstery with a smile. “It was just a small shed in the yard during the 70s.”
Now, the brainchild of the male in the relationship has grown to a thriving upholstery business that provides services that include the upholstering of house and office furniture, restaurants, boats and vehicles. The soft furnishing part of the business includes the making of drapes, cushions, bedding and tablecloths.
The Romeo’s have over the years become known for their skill in decorating the interior of motor vehicles. Their handiworks were on display at Platinum Metals, a car show held in 2002 and again this year at Auto X-Plosion held on July 11 at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Parking lot.
‘We have been doing vehicles for a long time now,” said Vincent.
Romeo’s exertion can also be seen at public places including The Attic Restaurant and Sports Bar, Going Places Travel Agency, Sunsail and Government House.
The deeply religious couple who thank God for their many blessings told SEARCHLIGHT that over the years, “Business has been good,” and that they can’t complain except that at times the availability and skill of workers is sometimes hard to come by. They employ four other persons.
When questioned about his knowledge of upholstery, Vincent said he fell in love with the art of covering when he saw one of his friends, Padmore “Willo” Williams, doing upholstery.
“I was surprised that this sort of work was being done in SVG so I began to learn from Willo and after he left the country I built the shed in the yard and began to do it on my own,” reminisces Vincent.
Vincent also has over six years experience doing upholstery in North America while his wife gathered knowledge from him, a two-week training stint in Barbados and lots of hands-on training.
The Romeo’s are very confident of always giving an exceptionally finished product that is complimented by materials imported from Trinidad. “When people come here their money is well spent and they are always satisfied and they never complain; they are always satisfied.”
The two Romeos are originally from the Montrose area. They urge Vincentians to use their service, which they describe as reasonably priced. “If you haven’t given us a try, give us a try,” they say.
The couple thanks the general public and the Small Enterprise Development Unit (SEDU) for their support. Clara Layne and Edwin D Laynes and Sons Limited also came in for high praises from the Romeos.
They have one son, Brian Dillon, who is currently in the British Navy where he is pursuing a career in marine engineering. “He knows a little upholstering,” says his folks,
Romeo’s Upholstery and Soft Furnishings can be reached at 45 79526.