Famo sells everything
July 16, 2004
Famo sells everything

Her name is Greek for “the moon personified”. She’s a one-woman army, a business dynamo and her hard work, determination and foresight are paying dividends; therefore, we can safely say that she’s Work personified.
Cynthia “Famo” Matthews’ business, C&K Enterprises, is event oriented in that anyone holding a function can come to her to rent or buy anything that they need. {{more}}
The business, which can be described as having a chain reaction, started out with the rental of chairs four years ago. The chain reaction started with the addition of tables then tablecloths, the rental of tents, which were imported from Miami (used at the Billy Graham Crusade), and the retailing of drinks and the selling of ice.
Familiary known as Famo in the Belair area where the business is located on premises that she also calls home, Famo also makes and bottles seasoning, pepper sauce and salted peanuts. She also has a small grocery store that sells non-alcoholic wines, snacks and anything that you may need for use in the kitchen. So if you’re holding an event, this can obviously be your one-stop shopping area.
The other thing that is recognisable about Famo’s establishment is that her business is run solely by her and her son Dale.
She thinks of everything. To ensure that her business grows to its full capacity, Famo has a small garden next to her home, which is used to plant a number of crops which includes chives, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, string beans, lettuce and cucumbers.
The crops that come from the garden that she works herself are used to make sure that the dedicated businesswoman always has a steady flow of the materials she needs to produce her pepper sauce and seasoning which are sold to the St. Vincent Marketing Corporation, shops in the area and sometimes Canouan. Some of these vegetables are also sold to vendors who operate out of the vegetable market in Kingstown. Famo also hopes that one day she can use only organic fertilizers on her farm as she was schooled on the benefits of this type of fertilizer.
With intentions of changing the name of the business to CynDale Enterprises, in recognition of her son Dale who also works in the business, Famo soon also hopes to sell fresh packaged fruits. She has already ordered the containers that will be stuffed with fruits including pineapples and papaw and will be sold as a kind of fruit salad. She hopes to mass produce pineapples but said that she needs assistance to do it on a larger scale.
“I look in the community and see what services are needed but are not available and I go into it,” said the woman, who can de described as extremely energetic.
Famo, who worked 25 years as a trade unionist, said that the persons and organisations that have helped her, include the Ministry of Agriculture through WINFA, the National Farmers Union and the National Development Foundation. She said that because of the Ministry, she was able to journey to Jamaica in May to take part in a conference, which focused on processing and agriculture using organic components.
“I will like to focus more on organic fertilizer because I saw the benefits that can be derived from that,” said Famo who thinks that people are eating more healthily.
“I want to be able to provide that quality of vegetables,” she said.
She also spoke about her 25-year involvement in the trade union as having a lot of positive effects on her in that, “It taught me how to bargain and make proper decisions and help me to understand and assist people with problems.”
Famo is somewhat of a community spirited person as she on many occasions provided food for hungry persons and also gave advice to persons who needed it. She recalls that at one time she stopped a person from committing suicide.
When questioned about her salesperson background, Famo says, “It runs in the family; I sell anything that I can sell.” She can be contacted at 1-784-456-4505.