Javorne avoids hat-trick
July 9, 2004
Javorne avoids hat-trick

The Miss Carival contest started 1985 when Donna Young took the title for SVG. Two years later Roxanne Israel became the second Vincentian to take the title.
It took SVG another 15 years to recapture the top spot when Laferne Fraser broke the jinx in 2002. Shivern Peters kept the Vincentian flag flying when she captured the title in 2003.
Hopes were high for a hattrick in 2004, when Javorne Williams stomped to the Miss SVG title.
She, however, did not live up to the billing and was not among the top at the 2004 Miss Carival Pageant.
She was beaten by her Guyanese counterpart Asha Pieters, with Trinidad and Tobago’s Tanya Gomes second and St. Kitts/Nevis’ Corelle Ferlance third. Thirteen delegates appeared for the show. The others were Antigua and Barbuda’s Terri-Ann Richardson, Barbados’ Tricia Collymore, Colombia’s Hisnardy Ramirez, Curacao’s Danae Daal, Dominica’s El Hannah Alexis, Domincan Republic’s Adis Heidy Mojica, Grenada Alejandra John, Jamaica’s Toni Shae James, and Venezuela’s Diana Carolona Gonsalez.