July 2, 2004
Coleus is multicoloured

Coleus is a small herbaceous plant of multicoloured foliage. It thrives best in semi-shaded locations with about four hours of direct sun daily. The leaves remain in perfection throughout the rainy season but cannot stand drought.{{more}}
Plants can be raised either by cuttings or seeds. The cuttings root quickly and easily in damp soil. To get bushy plants, the tips of the shoots must be pinched out when the plants are young. Also, if flower spikes are removed as they form, it keeps the foliage in good condition.
There are many varieties of coleus. The Blumei is a spectacular one and makes an interesting house plant.
Coleus plants are most attractive when planted close together as a group. Their vibrant colours, texture and patterned leaves make a statement. They are popularly used for formation letters in large gardens.