Dyer adds class to local furniture industry
June 18, 2004
Dyer adds class to local furniture industry

Ever imagined having your house furnished to fit your style and tastes or having your guests seated in your home with thoughts of complete luxury, elegance and class engraved on their faces? You keep telling yourself, “Maybe you should stop dreaming since it’s too expensive?” Well it’s not.
Not when DMG Furniture Enterprises is in operation.{{more}}
This business is stocked with the best in quality furniture; products all priced at rates that can meet your budget.
Located in Spring Village, North Leeward, DMG Enterprises has been in operation for the past 17 years under the management of entrepreneur, Montgomery Dyer. The business supplies furniture throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Starting its operations in 1987 with two employees in a small shed, they began creating regular household furniture with limited tools. Now, DMG Enterprises has some 15 employees as part of its production line.
Their creative furniture designs not only make your home look good but every carved fixture, designed to please your tastes, brings lumber to life.
Dyer boasts of DMG Enterprises’ ability to satisfy customers’ tastes and style. Functioning as somewhat of a furnishing guru, he differentiates his services from other local furniture suppliers with a unique approach to customer quality.
Dyer explained that, “We position ourselves to give special attention to our customers. We come to your home and interact with you directly to assess your requirements. We even study the location of where you want the product to be installed or placed… and after we complete the finished product we put it together right in your house.”
Although DMG Enterprises specialises in custom-made furniture, their main line of production is kitchen fixtures’ installation, banisters and staircases. But if you are building that dream house and want to install a number of fixtures, Dyer points out that his company also offers packages to contractors and homeowners.
“We want to ensure that not only the best products are being offered but also the best service, so we offer packages to contractors and householders where we provide all furnished fixtures at reasonable costs.”
To get a feel of that luxury manufactured by DMG Enterprises, homeowners can call 784-458-2410 to reach the experts in locally made fixtures and furniture.