Tabia’s Gift
June 4, 2004
Tabia’s Gift

There is a saying that if you do not use your talent, you will lose it. One youth who is ensuring that her talent is put to use is Tabia Matthews. She is a fifth former at the Girls’ High School.
Tabia is doing her CXC this year, specialising in the Science subjects. {{more}}
She seems to have her goals defined.
From the West St. George village of Fountain, Tabia has been sharpening her vocal chords from age eight.
The Fountain Seventh Day Adventist Church served as a foundation of her singing and Tabia is on the way to ensuring that her talent is fulfilled.
With the help of one of the region’s emerging musical stalwarts, Tabia has hooked up into something that has the potential to take her far.
She is the singer on a single called ‘The Gift.’
Musical arranger Adrian Bailey has given his genius to a composition by cultural aficionado Joel Providence. And the combination appears to have reaped dividends. Tabia’s recording of the ‘Gift’ has taken the Vincentian audience by storm.
Tabia aged 16, is on the way to a career in music, but is intent on ensuring the mix of musical and scholarly foundation.
“I will really like to further my musical talent, as well as balance it with my studies,” Tabia told the Searchlight.
Tabia expressed surprise at the response the single is engendering.
“Everyone say they like the rhythm. Everyone is encouraging me to go further,” Tabia said.
And if the hit gets the proper exposure, there will be no stopping for her. It can be considered one of this country’s ‘Gifts’ to the universe, and so far, Vincentians at home and those following events here, have been stunned by Tabia’s vocal wealth in collaboration with Adrian Bailey’s genius.
Tabia pays homage to songwriter Joel Providence and confessed that “it would not have been possible without him.”
Tabia enjoys listening to music, and loves to read. But she has advice to others.
“Those who have talent, identify it and use it,” she pointed out.
In a message directly to the youngsters, Tabia outlined “Show them that you are not as bad as other’s portray you to be,” Tabia said.
She added: If they use their ability and energy in the right way, they will indeed make a difference.”
She is grateful to the Almighty for having blessed her.