Fullworth has it all
May 21, 2004

Fullworth has it all

There is a place situated at Bottom Town opposite the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on the way to Edinboro.
That establishment is Fullworth and has been operating for the past three years. Elisto Moore, from the South Windward village of Stubbs is the everything in that store. {{more}}
Moore regards Fullworth as the “one stop shopping centre.” She thinks that to “avoid the hustle and bustle up town, come to Fullworth.”
The variety at Fullworth is exceptional. For example there are shoes for everybody, from children to adults, whether males or female. And so is the stock of clothing.
Fullworth is something of a special outlet when it comes to bridal matters. So whether it’s bouquet or any other stuff to do with that matrimonial occasion, Fullworth might just be the place.
Moore acknowledges that there are good times and sometimes things are “very slow.’ But she is prepared to soldier on.
She is one of those conscious sales persons and pointed to neon-colour earrings which seem to be an attraction for youngsters.
Moore has been at Fullworth from the beginning, and thinks that things “are kinda good.”
Besides the dress material, Fullworth stocks the latest and best in colognes, and handbags.
The list includes ties and shirts for men, pajamas, nighties, towels, and church hats. And there is also stuff for the kitchen like bowls, plates, juice cups, and glasses.
Babies are also catered for and vests, towels, diapers, and powder are in stock. But that does not mean that mothers and other adults have been left out. So you can purchase cream, Vaseline, straightener, flowers, toys, and rugs.
And right now, there is a 50 per cent discount on children’s dresses, and ten percent storewide. Moore is looking to a new stock of graduation material, which she said will be “coming soon.”
She outlined that Fullworth is easy to find and is open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5:30 pm, and on Saturday 8:30 am to 1:30 pm.
And being so close to the hospital, Fullworth has become the choice spot for items like pajamas, nighties, and especially children’s things.