May 14, 2004
Pastor Frederick uses PSS from inception

General Manager of British American Insurance Pastor George Frederick told SEARCHLIGHT that in his opinion Professional Secretarial and Consultancy Services (PSS) has gone through a metamorphosis.{{more}}
Pastor Frederick said that he recalls the times when PSS used typewriters and a Gestetner stencilling machine. He says that he has seen the change not only in the equipment but also in staff members who have matured over the years and have gathered quite a bit of knowledge in their field.
“I have been using PSS since its inception and I can say that the service is very good,” said the pastor who also described the staff as very committed and friendly.
Pastor Frederick said that some of the things that PSS does for him include binding and laminating.
He added that Camille is very involved in a lot of things, but still remains very community conscious.
“I hope her business grows from strength to strength,” said Pastor Frederick.