Vision skills to be effective in learning and reading
Eye Matters
August 21, 2018
Vision skills to be effective in learning and reading

This coming September many children will go back to school and some may go back with undetected vision problems that can interfere with their learning.

Nearly 80 per cent of learning is done visually. Research shows that at least 70 per cent of children who have difficulty reading have some form of visual impairment.

As children progress in school they often meet up with new challenges, such as the size of the print in their school books becoming smaller and smaller, and also having to spend more time reading and studying. This places a huge demand on their visual abilities.

Every child needs to have the following vision skills to be effective in learning and reading

1. Good Visual acuity

This involves seeing the chalkboard clearly from a distance. Viewing the computer at an intermediate distance and reading a book or a digital device up close.

2. Good focusing abilities

Being able to maintain clear vision when looking back and forth from one object to another

3. Good eye tracking abilities

Being able to keep one’s eyes on the target when looking from one object to another. For example: following a moving object such as a ball.

4. Good Eye teaming abilities

Being able to co-ordinate the use of both eyes when moving the eyes along the page and also being able to judge depth in sports and other crucial activities

5. Good hand eye coordination

Able to monitor and direct the hands when drawing a picture or attempting to hit a ball

6. Good visual perception abilities

Ability to sort images on a printed page into words, letters, and ideas and to understand and remember what was read.

If any of the above is lacking, your child will have to work increasingly harder and this can lead to stressful symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, and eye strain.

Parents and teachers should look out for such symptoms that could indicate that a child is having challenges. Remember to keep an eye on your eyes.
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