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July 31, 2009
Sun lens options

Last week we discussed some of the different specialty lens options available for varied lifestyles.

We discussed the fact that people who use computers for more than two hours per day may require computer lenses to reduce eye strain. Highly active individuals require impact resistant Sport lenses.{{more}}

Important add-ons include UV protection for protection from the UV rays of the sun, scratch resistant coatings, antireflective coatings for computers and night driving; adjustable tint lenses (Photochromic lenses and Transitions).

In addition to UV coatings for the sun, when it comes to sun lenses there are several more options:

Polarized lenses

These lenses are the best option for eliminating serious glare. Drivers, Hunters, Fishermen, Boaters, outdoor sports enthusiasts among others benefit from the glare blocking properties of polarized lenses. Practically any surface can create glare when in sunlight. Windows, snow, sand, water, vehicles and buildings are some examples of reflected glare sources. Polarized lenses reduce eye fatigue and strain in bright sunlight. They are available in various designs, colours and materials. Transitions has just introduced a new lens called Drive wear. It is polarized and has an adjustable tint at the same time.

Tinted Lenses

These lenses are available in gradient or solid options and medium to dark shades. Gradient means that the top of the lens may have one shade and the bottom of the lens may come in a lighter shade. This is a cheaper option to adjustable tint lenses. They are also available in almost any colour, making them popular for young people.

Mirrored Lenses

These lenses can be very good looking. The coatings make the eye look almost invisible to others and at the same time protect the eyes from glare. They come in a variety of styles.

That’s it for today folks

Here a thought for the weekend

Did you know that the average person blinks their eyes 11,500 times per day- 4.2 million times per year?

Enjoy your weekend

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