Eye Matters
June 26, 2009
Choosing the right frame

Eye glasses have been around for hundreds of years. They serve the purpose of improving one’s eyesight. In recent years, they have also become a fashion accessory. People no longer choose just any old type of glasses.{{more}} Just as wearing jewelry makes one feel good about oneself, so do eyeglasses to a certain extent.

When choosing eye glasses, you should always consider whether or not the eye glasses will fit your face shape.

Certain frame shapes complement and balance one’s facial features. Choosing the wrong type of frame can lead to an unappealing look. These guidelines can help you choose the frame shape that most compliments your facial features.

Although frame styles change frequently, these guidelines always apply:

1. Your eyes should always be in the centre of the lens.

2. The width of the frame is very important. The frame should be wide enough and the temples should not press into the sides of your face.

3. The top of the frame should not be higher or lower than your brow line. People with thick eyebrows should consider a darker and thicker frame for better balance.

4. Make sure the size of your eyeglasses is in proportion to your body size, and the weight is also in proportion. For a more balanced look, if you are slim and have a delicate build, choose thinner frames.

5. For the most flattering appearance, choose reflection free lenses. Thinner and lighter lenses also complement your overall look. If you have old fashioned bifocal lenses consider switching to modern progressive lenses (no line bifocals) as they do enhance your appearance.

We have seven basic face shapes: oval, round, diamond, triangle, square, inverted triangle, and oblong.

To find out your face shape, follow these simple steps

1. Take a picture of your face.

2. On the picture, draw two dots on either side of your forehead

3. Draw two dots at your cheekbones (close to your eyes)

4. Draw two dots at your jaw line (close to the level of your mouth).

5. The width of each pair of dots determines your face shape.

Next week we will delve deeper and discuss what type of frames are best suited for the different face shapes.

Have a good one.

Dr Kenneth Onu is a resident Consultant Ophthalmologist at the Beachmont Eye Institute/Eyes R Us. Send questions to: Beachmont@gmail.com

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