Runs and Rhythms – Twinning opportunities
May 3, 2024

Runs and Rhythms – Twinning opportunities

Local Carnival and Cricket authorities are seizing prime opportunities offered by the juxtaposing of the T/20 Cricket World Cup (June) and this year’s Carnival festivities (June/July) to capitalize on them under the banner Runs and Rhythms. The announcement was made at a press conference held on Monday of this week.

The opportunity for the linkage came in the International Cricket Council’s regional tour of the World Cup trophy which, as part of the visits to host countries of the prestigious global tournament, will take place in St.

Vincent in mid-May. Given the proximity of the timing of this tour to our own Carnival launch, it appears that the idea to capitalize on such a glorious opportunity to boost both our Carnival and Cricket, has seized both the local organizers of the SVG leg of the World Cup and the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC).

All of this is a windfall from the bold decision of the government to enter a bid to host some games for the

World Cup, which turned out to be successful. Even though it may appear that the twinning decision could have been possibly rushed somewhat, it is one which if properly handled, can bring significant benefits to the entire country.

The World Cup trophy tour provides an ideal entry point into Vincy Carnival. The CDC appears to have spotted this opening and is attempting to capitalize on it, using the attractive slogan, Runs and Rhythms. Normally the letters R and R are used to mean Rest and Recreation, but given the magnitude of the undertaking, while there will be plenty recreation, it is doubtful how much rest will be afforded the organizers of the ambitious venture.

The idea is certainly an excellent one, though possibly rushed and in the circumstances, demanding greater sacrifices and organizational commitment on the part of both cricket and carnival authorities. Indeed, both the government and the people of the country will have to not only give support, but to pull our collective weight to ensure the success of the venture.

From the first announcement of the World Cup bid by SVG, concern was raised about the cost implications and how it is necessary for a concerted approach to ensure long-term benefits for cricket, sport and the entire country. This concern is a genuine one and must underline prudent use of resources and post – World Cup commitment to ensure long-term benefits.

It must be emphasized that the initiative is a national one aimed at securing benefits to the whole country and not any particular political or social group. The planned meeting of Parliament next week at which relevant legislation will be up for approval will indicate to what extent the Government on the one hand, is prepared to take on board any positive proposals of the Opposition, as well as, on the other hand the Opposition is prepared to put national interests before partisan ones.

Time is short to put this fusion to the test and there will be temptation on the part of some to become over- ambitious, so rigorous adherence to realistic goals will be necessary and a buy-in by the general public achieved. Precious resources are being invested and it is in our collective interests to ensure that there are ample long-term returns.