International Men’s Day – a welcomed commemoration
November 21, 2023
International Men’s Day – a welcomed commemoration

On November 19, the world observed International Men’s Day, a day that historically may not have received the attention it truly deserves.

Initiated in the 1990s, the day is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the positive contributions of men to society while addressing the unique challenges they face.

The objectives of International Men’s Day seek not only to promote positive male role models ,but also to celebrate men’s positive impact on various aspects of life. It serves as a reminder to appreciate everyday, working-class men who lead honest lives and contribute meaningfully to society.

One key objective of International Men’s Day is to focus on men’s health and well-being, addressing the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions. It is alarming that statistics reveal that 76 per cent of all suicides are men; 70 per cent of all homicide victims are men; 85 per cent of the homeless are men and 40 per cent of domestic abuse victims are men. Awareness is essential to break down stereotypes and encourage open conversations about men’s mental health and overall well-being.

The day also aims to highlight discrimination against men in various aspects, including social services, societal attitudes, expectations, and legal frameworks. Understanding and addressing these issues are pivotal to fostering gender equality and creating a society where both men and women can thrive without facing discriminatory barriers.

The day is past, but it is not too late to express gratitude to the men who, despite societal expectations and challenges, continue to fulfil their roles with dedication and integrity. It’s a call for society to stop taking men for granted, especially those who are actively contributing to the betterment of their families and communities.

By acknowledging the positive contributions of men and addressing the issues affecting them, we take a step towards creating a safer, better world where everyone can reach their full potential.