Fostering the art of speaking up – the Lions Club South Public Speaking Competition
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September 26, 2023

Fostering the art of speaking up – the Lions Club South Public Speaking Competition

For over four decades, the national Secondary Schools Public Speaking Competition has been a beacon of excellence, providing a vital platform for the expression of ideas and the development of critical public speaking skills among our nation’s youth.

As we embark on another season of this prestigious event, it is important to underscore the significance it holds in our society and the broader context of national development.

The competition’s preliminaries, commencing today, and continuing for the rest of the week across four zones, culminates in the finals on October 24, part of the official calendar of activities for the celebration of our 44th anniversary of Independence.

One of the most notable aspects of this competition is the valuable opportunity it affords secondary school students to hone their public speaking skills. In a world where effective communication is paramount, the ability to express oneself clearly and persuasively is an invaluable asset. Unfortunately, our educational system has traditionally focused more on quieting students rather than encouraging them to speak out. This competition offers our young people the chance to develop skills that will serve them well as they move into adulthood.

The competition’s significance is further highlighted by the fact that it provides a national stage for students to express themselves. It resonates across the nation, drawing participation from students of diverse backgrounds and communities. The competition instils a sense of pride in our youth, as they represent their schools and communities.

The Lions Club South has been the proud custodian of this competition since 1999, continuing the legacy initiated by the St Vincent Jaycees in the mid-1970s. Their dedication to nurturing young talent and fostering the development of critical skills is commendable. Equally praiseworthy is the long-standing sponsorship of the telecommunications company Flow, and its predecessors, Lime and Cable and Wireless. Their unwavering support underscores their commitment to education, youth empowerment, and the overall well-being of our society.

In a world where the ability to communicate effectively is a great asset, we applaud the Lions Club South, Flow, and all involved for their contributions in fostering the art of “speaking up” and “speaking out” among our youth.