Choose what will occupy our minds this Easter
April 6, 2023

Choose what will occupy our minds this Easter

AS A CHRISTIAN society, this is the time when we, and other Christians around the world, commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

And like everyone else, everywhere else, there are so many other things that are grappling for our attention at the same time.

Here at home, discourse about bread and butter issues, the high cost of living, the judgement in the ‘Vaccine Mandate’ case, and government’s decision to appeal it, and progress in relation to capital projects, are the order of the day.We are bombarded by the opinions of others and even share our own from time to time, on how our beautiful St Vincent and the Grenadines should move forward in ever turbulent times.

At this most sacred time, we often seem to forget the true reason for this season, and we replace the church with wet fetes, soca fetes and boat rides, where an over-indulgence of alcohol and frolicking have overshadowed the suffering of Jesus Christ for our sins.

We are also faced with violent crimes that punctuate our communities at various times, and continue to cause worry and concern as we try to keep ourselves and loved ones as safe as possible.

If it is possible, let us for once lay all these cares aside and reflect on what Easter is supposed to mean to us as a Christian society.

The death of Jesus Christ represents Him taking the sins of world to the cross, so we would not have to bear them any more.

His resurrection represents the promise of better, more fulfilling, and eternal life for those who put their trust in Him, and follow His examples that He left for us while He walked the earth.

If we were to just for one moment, focus on the reason for the season, and choose to live a life in sync with the Jesus whom we celebrate around this time, we, as individuals, families, communities, nations and a planet, will experience the joy and peace promised to us in His birth, death and resurrection.

The daily thoughts and cares would remain with us as long as we live, but the hope that was provided with Easter also remains.

Let us choose what we are going to let occupy our minds on a daily basis.

Have a blessed Easter everyone!