May the Spirit of Christmas reign
December 23, 2021
May the Spirit of Christmas reign

This year, when we wish each other a “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,” it would be good if while saying them, we reflect on the words and really mean what we are saying.

The Christmas period comes at the end of the year and presents an opportunity for us to slow down, reflect and give thanks for the good things in our lives. The season is usually a time when we gather with loved ones; a change of pace from the busyness of our lives, and a diversion of attention from the many challenges we face from day to day.

The change of pace should also help us to filter out “the noise” and focus on what is important and prioritize what needs to be done as we go into the New Year.

For Christians however, Christmas is more than a period of rest and contemplation or an important event in our attempts to live together in joy, peace and harmony. It is the celebration of the most tangible expression of God’s love for us, and his affirmation of the innate goodness of this earth; and His wish that we enjoy it in its fullness.

Christmas is God’s answer to a world that had lost its compass and was drifting into extinction and death. God sent His Son Jesus into the world to save us from ourselves, from our sin and shame. John 3:16 is still the anthem that calls us to attention and declares God’s Divine purpose for sending His Son into the World. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”(KJV)

The Gift of eternal life is the greatest gift that we can ever receive; and in adoration and thankfulness we celebrate the anniversary of this event – the Birth of our Saviour – with vigour, and enthusiasm and zeal; and the Spirit of goodwill, of peace, of joy, of fulfillment, reigns in all our hearts.

This will be true this year if we open our hearts and give not from our excess, but from the little we have. We do not need to look far to find others in need, into whose lives we can bring joy. Our gifts need not be tangible; we can give our time, our companionship, a listening ear, understanding or forgiveness.

May the Spirit of Christmas reign in all our hearts. A Merry Christmas to all from everyone at SEARCHLIGHT.