How can we not be thankful?
December 20, 2019
How can we not be thankful?

As we reflect on the year past, despite the many challenges we all must have faced, we made it through. And if we take a moment, we will admit to have been blessed with good fortune in so many ways; and, there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

Christmas is truely a time unlike any other throughout the year. There is something about Christmas and its message of hope and goodwill that touches the hearts of all, whether they are Christians or not.

There is a spirit of generosity and thankfulness in the air at this time, and there are few things as beneficial to our souls as generosity toward others. No matter how little we have, there are others whose circumstances we can improve, even temporarily, with acts of caring and compassion. We all, deep in our hearts aspire to be good neighbourly, and Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to do so. And when we do, we ourselves are blessed with feelings of well being.

The pages of today’s edition of Searchlight are filled with stories of the generosity of Vincentians towards members of our community. Generosity with their resources — time, knowledge, skills, talent, money, love, or a combination of these. We hope that these stories will not only make us feel good about what others are doing but will serve as examples of what we ourselves can do in our own unique ways.

Christmas provides us with profound feelings of hopefulness, for ourselves, our family members, or neighbours, our country and the world.

Christmas provides us with motivation to make the world a better place.

How then can we not be thankful?

Not just at Christmas, but every day of the year.

The Chairman and Directors of Interactive Media Limited and the Management and Staff of Searchlight take this opportunity to wish you a happy Christmas and may 2020 be filled with peace, love and prosperity. We thank you for your support during 2019 and we look forward to your partnership in 2020.