January 4, 2008
Tell Movado thanks, but no thanks


As we welcome the New Year, many Vincentians, like others around the world, are reflecting and making resolutions, hoping that this time around, they would follow through on them.

As we reflect on 2007, any survey done will most certainly put this year’s 36 homicides high on the list of talking points.{{more}}

It is with this in mind that we speak out against the plans to have the Jamaican dancehall artiste David “Movado” Brooks perform here later this month.

While it is true that an examination of many of today’s artistes’ hits, especially dancehall and hip hop stars, will reveal some distasteful, and down right repulsive numbers, with Movado, you have to search diligently to find one that isn’t.

His fascination with gangster lyrics, his promotion, encouragement, and glorification of a lifestyle that is robbing this country of its young men, can’t be an appropriate curtain raiser for the New Year.

Usually reliable sources told this newspaper that the January 19th concert may not come off, as he may be banned, and this paper says Amen to that.

Truth be told, there are many other artistes, movies and songs that are filled with negativity, and to ban all is impossible.

But, what we can do is take a stand when the opportunity allows, and this is one such time.

Tell Movado thanks, but no thanks. This newspaper is sure there is another artiste out there, still hip, still “happening”, who can grab the attention of the young concert going crowd – find him!

The last thing we need right now is somebody who has a punch line that says “Mama buy a wreath for your son because he f*** around, now he’s gonna die by my gun.”