August 10, 2007
We printed here


By the way, a few thousand copies of Searchlight newspaper were printed here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines last week. For the first time in the history of our company, the Nation Publishing Co. Ltd in Barbados did not print all of our newspapers. And from this week, God’s willing, all of them will be printed here on local soil.{{more}}

The newspapers were printed at SVG Publishers Inc., at their plant located at Campden Park. SVG Publishers Inc is owned by a group of local companies and a Barbadian company.

The symbolism of having had our first local print run during emancipation week has not escaped us. The shareholders are all descendants of enslaved Africans, and came together to accomplish what would not have been feasible had any one of them decided to go it alone.

It was a long, difficult road to that day last week when the first newspaper rolled off the press. However, we made it. After many years of dreaming, talking, hoping, planning, it is now a reality.

As with all forms of emancipation, there is a measure of fear in stepping out into the unknown. We know full well that difficult days lie ahead, but we step out boldly, with confidence that we, with the support of the public, shall succeed.