April 13, 2006
Easter Joy

This time of the year is usually marked by dust and wind. Our usually lush vegetation takes on a scorched appearance, and we sometimes experience water shortages. Those who live in the Grenadines are usually hoping and praying that their tanks will hold out and that the rains will come by the beginning of May for the planting of peas and corn.

More recently, this is the season when there is a reduction in tourist activity, and the number of yachts and cruise ships in our harbours is greatly reduced. Those involved in the hotel industry usually get well-deserved time off while the hotels undergo repair, renovation or refurbishment.{{more}}

By and large there is a sense of waiting on nature, waiting on God to bring about change in our climate and in our vegetation. It is perhaps a prescription to become introspective, and for those who practice the Christian faith, it is a time to delve into the spiritual realm and to ponder upon life after death issues.

The recent murder of an almost larger than life member of our society, the deaths, in quick succession over the last month or two, of other prominent citizens, at least one of whom was still in his prime, give even the most cynical among us reason to pause and reflect on the frailty and purpose of life.

All of us want to find meaning in our existence. We want to believe that the life we live now, even if it ends abruptly, will continue in some form after the grave. Christians believe humanity can indeed be restored. Easter reminds us of this, hence our joy at this time.

This joy is an inner joy which comes from our contemplation on the goodness and love of God. It is not revelry or merrymaking but the assurance that once we are in God’s hands everything will be okay.

Joy is the Christian approach to life. It is the hope and faith that sustains us even when things go wrong. When we are frustrated by what appears to be our powerlessness in the face of difficult situations, difficult people, failing relationships and ill health, joy can change things. We have the assurance that God is forever in our corner.

Joy brings peace and unity to our hearts, our homes, our communities and our nation. May we all experience the joy of Easter no matter what the challenges we face as individuals. Have a Joyous Easter, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.