Dr Jozelle Miller
November 8, 2022
Finishing strong

As we approach the end of another year, I would like to take the time to remind us of the importance to finish strong. It has undeniably been a difficult year for many, and perhaps you are at the point of being literally over it; just desirous for the year to end and even forget about those plans that never materialized, the disappointments, betrayals, and the overall negative experiences you may have had this year.

I would like to suggest amidst the eagerness to throw in the towel, to rather finish the year strong, pushing pass all the hiccups and recommit over the next few days and weeks to pull all the resources to see what can be materialized.

Finishing strong is a sign of commitment, integrity, and excellence. Finishing strong is about choice. Each of us has the power to choose how we perform a job or a task and to finish strong.

Dan Green, author of “Finish Strong” (2008), offers 7 Keys to Finishing Strong that relate directly to life and work in schools.

You will see how easy they are and that most likely you already have all seven working for you.

1. Have clear measurable GOALS.

2. Make a COMMITMENT; it is amazing what changes when we commit to someone.

3. Remember your PURPOSE; purpose directs the path to your goal; without a purpose it becomes easy to drift from thing to thing.

4. PATIENCE: in every challenge there are highs and lows. Patience provides the space to think and believe deeply in your success to finish strong.

5. PASSION: the most important thing is to love what we do. Enthusiasm creates energy, passion provides the emotion. Energy + Passion = Finish Strong!

6. STRENGTH: much more than size or power, strength is your character, your WILL to succeed, your mental toughness, your ability to forgive, and what makes a great leader.

7. INTEGRITY: the centrepiece of character.

The slightest compromise of your integrity will leave your character flawed in some way. Choose your thoughts, your words, and your actions carefully.

So, for the remaining days of the year, here’s what I would like you to do:

1. Revisit the goals you started with at the beginning of the year. Those that have not yet been achieved, write them down in a SMART way. Make sure you are as specific as possible, measurable in terms of what would be the indicator of the progress towards achieving the goal.

Remember the goal must be achievable, realistic and provide a time frame that you can work towards achieving the goal before the year ends. You have up to midnight on Old year’s night.

You got this….

2. Restructure your priorities and routine. Determine which of the goals you would want to focus on and have a tunnel vision approach in remaining focused on the task at hand. It is important to pace yourself and celebrate every little victory.

3. Find an accountability person. Be sure to share your vision with this person and allow them to be your coach, cheerleader, and voice of reason to get the job done.

No slacking allowed.. remember it is crunch time.

4. Avoid negative self-talk. What you say affects how you finish your goals. Positive self-talk is a time-tested method to set goals and follow through. Any time you doubt your ability to finish strong, respond with positive affirmations. Do not bow to negative pressure to give up.

Control your thoughts, and do not permit external forces, such as fears and doubts, to control them.

If after you have tried all of the above and you are still not seeing headway with completing the goals this year, then begin thinking about whether it is something you wish to transfer to the upcoming year; assess what is needed for completion, this may be something outside of your control and if this is the case, then, you just do what you can and, as I always say, leave the rest to the Lord, trusting that it will work out in his timing.
So, let’s buckle down and make the remaining days counts. YOU GOT THIS!!!!