Making Hard  Decisions Part:2
Dr Jozelle Miller
November 23, 2021
Making Hard Decisions Part:2
  • Respect the effect and influence of others

Take into account how your decision will affect those around you, particularly family members or close friends or associates who could be impacted.

A single person typically has more flexibility to make a major life change, whereas a family needs to factor in other risks (or rewards) and consider the household impact. For example, a husband who is debating accepting a job that requires moving to another state should also think of the challenges that relocation may bring for his spouse and children, as they would have to uproot and depart their current lifestyle and activities.

Some major life choices can be awesome opportunities and bring much reward and blessings – but only in the context of the timing of the choice.

  • Use what you know

While we can never have all the answers surrounding our options, we can do some serious research into picking the best option.

Decisions should not be made solely on hopes, wishes, dreams and potential, but also on facts that can support the choice, where possible.

Are you financially stable enough to recover if you chose one decision over another? Is there evidence that others have gained much from making a similar choice? And, will you be able to look back on the decision with confidence that you made the best decision with the information you had? Sometimes life calls for tough choices, and that’s OK. Use what you know to help you make important decisions.

Ultimately if you are a person of faith… Trust the Lord for his guidance in all that you do. Proverb 3:6- “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”