Dental Health
March 20, 2018
Cons of using pacifiers

1. Pacifiers interfere with breast-feeding.

2. Baby may become dependent on pacifier. If the baby uses a pacifier for sleep, parents may face midnight cries as the pacifier falls out of baby’s mouth.

3. Pacifier use may lead to dental problems. Use of a pacifier during the first few years of life does not cause any long-term problem. But if it continues after the eruption of permanent teeth, it will cause upper and lower jaws to misalign.

4. A pacifier signals to a baby that crying is unacceptable, even though crying is one of baby’s ways of communication.

5. If lost during sleep, its absence can wake the child and make him cry. 

6. Pacifier use may also contribute to poor oral hygiene.

7. Pacifiers may prevent babies from learning about toys and other objects.

8. A pacifier may cause parents to misunderstand the reason why their baby is crying.

9. Pacifiers may prevent children from learning how to comfort themselves.