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October 18, 2016
Tonsils and bad breath

As I have discussed in previous articles, bad breath or halitosis can have different causes. Last week I looked at bad breath and its connection with sinus problems. This week I will look at how tonsils and bad breath are connected. The tonsils have certain kinds of substances and bacteria that may cause halitosis for a person. This is because of the location of the tonsils at the back of the oral cavity.{{more}}

Halitosis is primarily caused by the accumulation of bacteria in your mouth. Those bacteria, combined with the food particles that are left inside your mouth, will definitely cause bad breath if you do not clean it very often.

The tonsils have a multitude of cells that give them their main physical attributes. As we know, cells reproduce and multiply. When they reproduce, they tend to shed some of the “dead” cells onto the surface of the tonsils, thus causing balls of bacteria to accumulate from behind the tongue.

If this happens, these dead cells will therefore emit a foul smelling odour that will be offensive to those who are exposed to it. This condition is therefore aggravated by the remnants of food particles that you leave after eating.

Other Possible Causes of Bad Breath In Connection With Tonsils

A throat infection can also cause bad breath. This is because of the bacteria that the infection will produce. If this bacteria mixes with saliva and the food particles that you eat every day, you will experience bad breath.

Aside from this, any kind of throat or tonsil infection can also affect the odour of a person’s breath.

Bad Breath Cures

If you happen to have bad breath because of a throat or tonsil infection, it is best to have a visit to the doctor in order for him to give you the prescription that you may need to cure your infection. The basic principle here is to cure what is wrong with your throat. If you are able to do this, the bad breath will slowly fade away.

Aside from this, regular brushing of your teeth, as well as scrubbing your tongue, will help decrease the bacteria that cause bad breath. You should also check for tooth decay and plaque, so that bacteria will not accumulate inside your mouth.

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