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September 13, 2016
Fluoride functions and sources

Fluoride acts in many ways. Following are the functions of fluoride. It helps in:

1. Cavity Control

2. Early gum disease Control

3. Advanced gum disease control

4. Crown And Bridge Maintenance

5. Implant Maintenance{{more}}

6. Crown And Root Surface Caries Prevention

7. Sensitivity Control

8. Post Surgical Rinse

The incorporation of fluoride into the tooth enamel allows the tooth to be more resistant to demineralization by acid and ensuing tooth decay.

Sources of Fluorides

The following are common sources of fluoride:

1. Fluoridated drinking water

2. Fluoridated salt

3. Toothpaste, gels, mouthwashes, pills, other dental applications

4. Processed cereals and other foods

5. Mechanically de-boned chicken

6. Beer and wine

7. Fish and seafood

8. Juice

9. Soda

10. Tea

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