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January 26, 2016
Tips for tongue piercing aftercare

Following up from last week’s article, I thought that I should give some aftercare tips to avoid complications, because once you have undergone tongue piercing, it is very important to take care of your tongue for the first few weeks until the healing process is complete.{{more}}

Here are some tongue piercing aftercare tips in order to aid the process of healing, reduce the discomfort and avoid infection:

1. Clean your tongue piercing regularly by rinsing 8-10 times a day for at least two weeks till the healing process is completed. Use sea salt rinse or mouthwash for rinsing the piercing. After that, twice a day rinsing may suffice.

2. Saturated sea salt solution should be placed with sterilized gauze over the piercing for 5-10 minutes, 3-4 times a day for the first week to aid the healing process. Tablet salt or Epsom salt should be avoided.

3. Avoid alcohol, as it dehydrates the mucosa, eventually leading to some infection.

4. Avoid hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial ointments, as these can kill the cells and hamper the process of healing.

5. The tongue piercing should be cleaned with generous amounts of liquid soap and warm water.

6. Always wash your hands before touching the piercing. Dirty hands can be a source of infection.

7. Dry your piercing with disposable paper tissue.

8. Don’t rotate the jewelry before the healing is complete, as this can become a portal for the bacteria present on the surface of the jewelry to enter the wound.

9. For the first few days swelling, bleeding and pain are anticipated. This is quite normal. To reduce the swelling, apply ice on the piercing. Avoid any hot or spicy food. Any over-the-counter painkiller can be taken, which will reduce the pain and swelling. Avoid taking aspirin. Take care not to bite the tongue as you eat, due to its larger size.

10. Take soft foods and liquid diet (mashed potatoes, soups, broths) for at least one week after tongue piercing. Avoid spicy and crunchy foods. Avoid tea, coffee and hot beverages.

11. Avoid playing with the jewelry; this can cause trauma to the tissues.

12. Avoid excessive talking. This will give rest to the tongue for faster healing.

13. Avoid kissing and oral sex during the healing period.

14. Don’t remove the jewelry during the healing period, as the wound can close. After the healing is complete, the jewelry should be removed to be cleaned thoroughly.

15. Use a soft bristle brush and floss regularly to maintain good oral hygiene. It is better to use a mild toothpaste after tongue piercing. Do not let any debris or calculus collect around the jewelry.

16. Follow the instructions of the piercer and practise proper tongue piercing aftercare tips until the wound heals.

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