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August 25, 2015
Do’s and don’ts after tooth extraction:

– Try to take some rest after tooth extraction: no exercise for a day; avoid being in direct sunlight and heated environments (e.g. bakery); keep head elevated when lying down.

– Let the clot be formed on the tooth extraction site: bite on gauze for 30 mins to one hour; make sure not to blow or sneeze after extraction; don’t spit for a minimum of 24 hours; don’t rinse in at least the first 12 hours after extraction.{{more}}

– Don’t smoke or drink alcohol for 48 hours.

– Don’t take solids immediately after tooth extraction till the numbness is gone

– Take your medicines, as prescribed by your dentist: avoid aspirin

– Avoid sucking, smoking or sipping of any type

– Don’t poke into the gap created; don’t poke that area with any toothpick or tongue.

What complications can arise after tooth extraction if instructions are not followed?



Dry socket

Bleeding After Tooth Extraction:

If one follows the instructions of the dentist after tooth extraction to rest and to keep the gauze piece for 1/2 to 1 hour after extraction, then the problem of bleeding is not there. Patients who are taking anticoagulants like Heparin or Coumadin or patients who have bleeding disorders like hemophilia should give the history to the dentist. Patients who are taking aspirin or non-steroidal analgesics have increased bleeding time.

Infection after Tooth Extraction:

Infection is the most common complication after tooth extraction. Our mouth is full of bacteria. One cannot sterilize it. The dentist decides whether to give antibiotics after the tooth extraction or not. Normally, for simple tooth extractions, antibiotics are not required, but if patient has pain and swelling or pus, then it is better to go for preventive antibiotics. Bleeding continuing after 48 hours after tooth extraction, acute pain and swelling are very common signs of infection after the tooth extraction and the patient must visit the dentist in such circumstances to avoid further complications.

Dry Socket:

This is the most dreaded and painful condition which can happen after tooth extraction. For a day or two after dental extraction the patient is fine, and then he has acute pain and becomes very restless. The patient complains of a bad taste in the mouth. This condition is more common after the dental extraction of lower teeth than the upper teeth. It can happen even after the simplest tooth extraction.

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