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August 4, 2015
How to take care of your dentures

Taking proper care of dentures is very important if they are to last a long time. Dentures are to be cared for hygienically, as they remain in mouth for a long time and if not cared for properly can cause many problems for the denture user. One should follow the following steps to take care of his/her dentures and also avoid the points mentioned in ‘denture don’ts.{{more}}’

Denture Do’s:

– Clean the dentures daily and after every meal

– Take them out before sleeping and place them into a jar of cold water. Hot water may cause wrapping.

– Inform dentist of any medication you are taking

– Have regular check-ups

Denture Don’ts:

– Do not brush with abrasive cleaners.

– Do not use “drugstore” relines and denture repair kits.

– Do not get addicted to adhesives.

– Don’t keep dentures unclean and dry.


Use a denture brush or a soft bristled toothbrush. Make sure you reach all surfaces. When cleaning dentures, hold between thumb and forefinger over a sink filled with water and place a towel in the sink to act as a cushion in case the denture slips out of your hand.

After brushing, dentures can be soaked in denture cleanser to remove light stains and deposits. Rinse in water after that. Examples of denture cleaners are dilute solutions of chlorhexidine, sodium perborate or nystatin. Follow manufacturers instructions. No mineral acids should be used, to avoid corrosion.

Ultrasonic and UV cleansers may be used for tough stains.

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