Dental Health
March 24, 2015
Choosing right type of Toothbrush – Part 1

A toothbrush is the base for maintaining good oral hygiene and hence has a great impact on your overall health too. This is because dental disorders are the gateway to various general diseases of the lungs and heart and also diabetes, according to various research studies. It is taught from childhood that we need to brush our teeth twice or at least once daily. But does anyone remember someone saying which toothbrush is best to have? Even the advertisements focus more on dental creams than toothbrushes.{{more}}

Types of Brushes

Brushes are broadly categorized into two categories:

1. Manual toothbrushes: 90 per cent of the population prefer manual toothbrushes. They are named manual toothbrushes as they are customized and can be used as per the individual’s need. They come with easy grip and handle, have a tongue scraper at their tail and are inexpensive. Also they are the brushes of choice during travelling.

2. Electric Toothbrushes: Electric toothbrushes have a built-in motor that rotates the bristles’ heads at a much faster rate than a manual toothbrush. They come with large handles and hence are easy to use. They also have a built-in timer, so that you can easily concentrate on effective brushing.

According to type of handle, brushes are:

1. Non-slip Grip: These brushes are easy to use as they are covered with rubber coated handles that make a firm grip for our hands and hence are non-slippery. Chances of trauma while brushing is minimized by using nonslip grip toothbrushes.

2. Flexible Neck: Flexible neck toothbrushes have necks that rotate 360 degrees and allow cleaning of teeth from all sides. They make each tooth easily accessible and hence easy to clean.

According to shape of head

1. Tapered: These toothbrushes save tooth enamel from abrasion. Dr Collins Perio toothbrush is one of the tapered toothbrushes.

2. Rectangular: They are designed for people with comparatively large sized jaw. They have a large surface area and hence are ideal for cleaning of giant teeth. Also they cover two teeth at a time and hence save time.

To be continued next week