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March 3, 2015
Risks of using pacifiers

Breast Feeding: Pacifiers should be introduced after the baby is one month old; they will help to establish an efficient nursing routine. Early use of a pacifier prevents the child from learning how to suck the breast, causing the discomfort to the mother and poor feeding for the baby.{{more}}

Dental Development: During the first two years of life, the use of pacifiers does not interfere with normal dental development. However, if continued after the age of three, pacifiers can contribute to the protruding of front teeth. Orthodontic pacifiers do not prevent dental abnormalities.

Ear Infections: Pacifiers increase the risk of ear infections

Speech Development: Pacifiers may interfere with speech development in babies older than 12 months. A child using the pacifier may become unwilling to learn to talk, as he is comfortable with the pacifier in his mouth. Pacifiers can also distort the speech, especially with letters like ‘t’ and ‘d,’ in which tongue has to touch the front teeth while pronouncing.

Thrush: Pacifier use may lead to transmission of thrush, a yeast infection.

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