Dear Pastor
April 13, 2006
Is being gay wrong or right?

Greetings to you Pastor,

I was meaning to send you this email for the longest while, the movie Brokeback Mountain, is now playing and there has been a lot of negative feedback about the movie before it began to show here. I went to see it, I must admit it’s not an ok movie. My question is, how do we know what is right or wrong, who decides what is wrong from right? In Utah, U.S.A men are allowed to have more than one wife, is that wrong? Is that right, bearing in mind, they do this all in the name of religion? I am a gay man, I’ve been with the same person for 5 years and many people say being gay is against the word of God. I say that one has the right to choose their sexual preferences. {{more}} I think, that many times we tend to study the parts of the Bible that suit us.

This is what I think. We live in a society, where we accept certain things, and because we have been brought up to believe what is right or wrong, we are blinded to everything outside of what we are used to. As a result, anything outside of what we are used to is considered wrong. I do not believe there is anything called wrong or right. I think there are things that we accept and things that are not accepted here in St. Vincent, but that does not mean they are not accepted outside of St Vincent.

Tell me Pastor is being gay wrong, or right? How do you know its wrong? How do you know its right? Have you ever thought that maybe the Bible is full of errors, which means that you will be teaching in error? Does that mean that you are wrong? Does it mean you are right?

Have a great weekend. God bless


Hello Chad,

Thank you for your letter. First thing….NO!!! A resounding NO! I do not think that the Bible is full of errors; I believe that it is beyond the shadow of a doubt, God’s word and the source of life’s directions and principles.

And right there, at this point all that you have asked me is broken down. Do I always find God’s word easy? Truthfully no. Do I find some of the instructions and expectations tough? Absolutely.

But I totally honour its authority to guide my life, instruct my ways, correct my errors and all in all govern me.

So it doesn’t matter how long you have been in a gay relationship, or what other societies are doing or allowing. Once it doesn’t line up with God’s word, it is wrong.

Truth be told, I do believe that as a society we may be hypocritical because I wonder if that movie was about a lesbian couple how much public opinion would have been vented. I personally spoke to a few men who were “bunin fire pon Brokeback Mountain”. However I am glad that people were in an uproar, I am glad as a society we spoke out. Over the years people have been adjusting Godly values so that we can be more embracing of all ideologies. America is today paying big time for this stance. The prayer they voted out of schools, they hurriedly embrace when tragic shootings were taking place in the said schools. The God they try to reject, that some want off their money and out of their pledge became their tower of strength and hope when the Twin Towers came crashing down.

So my friend, let me tell you my stance, The Bible is God’s word and has absolute authority and even though at times we don’t always obey what it says, that should be the desire of all men…and we should pursue it with much vigour.

Pastor Jackson

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