Dear Pastor
January 27, 2006
he used to help me financially

Dear Pastor Jackson,

I am 18 years old and I have this problem which I will like to hear your views on.

The problem is that I am in a relationship with a big man and now it is really getting to me. At first we got involved because I have financial needs and he used to help me and my family so when he told me he loved me I just went along. {{more}} But now it is all about sex for him, it is like he is just glad to be with a young girl. I don’t enjoy sex; in fact this whole thing don’t feel right at all.

I love him for all he has done for us but it is messing up my life .I can’t even study properly. What should I do?


Hello Teenager,

You really have a problem, but even more than you, that man has a serious, serious problem…but even worse your parent(s) do not just have a problem but are in fact sick for encouraging this nonsense. Whether this encouragement is verbal or by turning a blind eye, they are in fact prostituting you for financial gain and you are in partnership with it.

How can you study properly when you are living a life that is warped? So what should you do???? Stop!!! Don’t allow sexual development to be at the hands of a sick middle aged man who decides to prey on you and your family’s need, who sees your body as the repayment for his “good”….That’s not the action of a man…not by a long shot.

I know things can be tough but I am sure that if your mother (I somehow suspect you live in a single parent home) will get desperate and work her dress off then she will be able to provide for you all. And what about your father, is he around? Is he alive? Is he working? If he is all those things then he needs to be dragged to court and forced to maintain his child (ren).

If all the above is not possible, find yourself to a church, share your needs and I am sure that there is someone who is able to help and will be willing to do so “no strings attached”.

Pastor Jackson