Dear Pastor
October 28, 2005

My workmate is loud, malicious

Dear Pastor,

There is a serious problem that is affecting me and other individuals.

There is a particular young lady who works in an office that concerns me.

Pastor, she wasn’t qualified for the work, but due to the goodness of a certain individual she got the job. Pastor, she does no work at all, instead she talks and walks all day long. {{more}}

The girl is mental… imagine she would now reach to work and leave her department, and go to another department to talk things that do not concern her.

Pastor, part of her job is to bring youths together but instead she tears them apart. Pastor, it hurts me a lot to see at the end of the month she is being paid for a work that she doesn’t do. She is lazy, incompetent, loud and malicious; she irritates other workers in the office.

Please give advice to the sick lady.

Fed Up

Greetings Fed Up,

I will not doubt that this young lady may be all that you have described or even more. The truth is sometimes persons can find themselves way above their heads, in positions that they are neither qualified for nor have the passion to put their best foot forward in, seeing it only as a pay cheque.

If this is the case with this young lady then time is the best revealer and it is only a matter of time before she messes up so badly that she finds herself out in the cold.

I wonder though, have you ever spoken to her, have you ever tried to reason commonsense to her? You see, the consummate ease with which you roll your “writing tongue” with a not-too-flattering description of your colleague also shows a defect in your personality.

I could not detect even with the sharpest of intellectual or spiritual eyes a hint of concern or desire to see the young lady do well. Instead all I can pick up from you is almost a mouth-watering desire to see her fall flat on her face and a sweet tug of your mouth to run her down.

Hear me, my friend, if that young lady is being unjust to her job and is not making an effort to learn as she goes and is enjoying a free ride, then it will not go un-noticed. The principle is called “sowing and reaping”; she will reap the rewards of her unfaithfulness and/or laziness. But you as an individual must never be quick to cut someone down, but rather be willing to lend a helping hand and you too will reap the rewards of your actions.

So guard your heart from malice, bad intention and backbiting, ok?

Pastor Jackson