Dear Pastor
September 9, 2005
Wife’s nagging sending me crazy

Dear Pastor Jackson,

I just want to say that you do a good job answering people with their various situations.

Pastor, what will you say to a man who has a wife that frustrates him and feels like he is going mad?

Pastor, I love my wife and I know she loves me and we have been together for a life time but she is just too nagging. I know plenty men would say that all women like that and it is nothing strange but trust me my wife does over do it. Pastor it is every little thing she does quarrel for and when she starts I does feel like I going mad. {{more}}Sometimes I try to ignore her but that does make things worse. But some of the things she does fuss about is real nonsense. I am not talking about horning or things like that. Simple things in the house and she carrying on, and even our children can’t take her on some times.

Pastor, how can I keep the peace and deal with my wife bad attitude, please help me.


Hello Frustrated,

I appreciate your expressed desire to keep the peace in your marriage, which is the first crucial step in resolving issues. However you may want to take another look at the classification of your wife’s “bad attitude”. You see what you say may very well be true but I still will advise that you take another look at the whole issue and your dealings with her.

Quite often it is said “seriously in joke” that women are very provoking and nagging in nature. One can even make reference to the several Proverbs passages that highlight the dangers of being with a nagging or quarrelsome woman.

But on the other hand I have found “from personal and related experiences” that many times what we men consider to be nagging is sometimes our unwillingness to address issues and face our deficiency. I guess our own male egos sometimes seek to manipulate the situations we face and force us to dismiss legitimate concerns by our spouses as frustrating and provoking.

So my brother, take a look at it again and see, “does my wife have a point? Is there something I need to change?”

But for all the women reading this, you too can look at yourself and ask some crucial questions before you begin a confrontation with your husbands or boyfriends…is this really a problem? Can’t I overlook this? Is it as bad as I am making it seem? Should I give him some time to work on this?” And most crucial of all ladies… ask your self “Am I speaking to him properly?”

Anyway my brother, be willing to compromise and don’t let your ego make you do or say foolish things that can have long-term impact on what you have described as a good marriage, ok? God bless you and your family.

Pastor Jackson