Dear Pastor
July 29, 2005
Teenage girl says she’s attracted to both sexes

Dear Pastor Jackson,

I am a teenage girl with a serious struggle. It is something that most people might find disgusting or stupid. Pastor, I feel like I am trapped between two types of sexual desires.

I feel I am attracted to both men and women. In my day to day dealings I have found myself having sexual desires at some point or the other for both men and women. {{more}}

The strange thing is that my boyfriend knows and has no problem with it. He is older than me and I look up to him, and to him, once I don’t go with another man I am not cheating on him. He advises me to explore my feelings.

I know it may sound strange coming from a teenager but this is my struggle.

Please Help


I now understand why people ask me one important question every time they stop me in the street “those things you write are they real?”

Well I know what I answer is real but I sometimes wonder if you guys who write or email are serious. Don’t get me wrong I know that these situations are realities of the times we live, but I guess we sometimes secretly want to believe that in our little islands that life is a bit simpler. I am daily finding out that this notion is far from the truth.

Your boyfriend is mad to suggest that it is okay for you to give your self sexually to another person, male or female, and it being okay with him. He doesn’t love you….he loves the trill of being with you….dump him!!!!!!!!

As for your situation, I always stress when dealing with matters pertaining to homosexuality (including lesbianism) that the fire in hell will be no different for a practicing homosexual than a fornicating heterosexual or even a habitual, unrepentant liar or thief.

The thing about homosexuality is it is unnatural……..and no half baked scientific suggestion could change what God has put in his word. So my dear if you feel that you are trapped between the two roads, feed the road that is natural and of God and resist that which is not.

When I say feed, though I am not suggesting promiscuity but rather that you be aware of the vultures who will try to prey on these desires if they sense it. So stay away from such influences.

Pastor Jackson