Dear Pastor
April 1, 2005
Few tricksters in God’s ministry

Dear Pastor Jackson,

I read your recent article concerning the accusations against Benny Hinn. You did a good job in responding to it. I have a question to ask you coming out of that. It is not just about him, but other TV evangelists and pastors in churches all over.

I am not a Christian, but I attend church regularly and would usually visit churches if invited to a special service or crusade. The thing I question is the many different ways I see offering is lifted up. Sometimes you will hear pastors talk about sowing seeds to see blessings and so on. {{more}}

One time I heard a guy preach at one of our prominent churches in St. Vincent and was telling the people that they should come up in the line for prayer and bring their seed offering. Even on television, you see those preachers use so many different ways to raise money. What is your opinion on this subject?


Hi JT,

My opinion is very simple; giving is a principle of scripture and should be encouraged, taught and practiced.

We are expected to be faithful, cheerful and sacrificial givers towards the work of the Lord; and no preacher should have reservations when it comes to promoting giving. In fact, the faithful giving of people into the work of the ministry is how the ministry and preachers should be supported.

Personally I have no problem and do not skip a breath when speaking about money. I am paid a salary by the church I lead and that money comes from the tithes and offerings of the people who are either members or attendees of the church.

My salary is more than what some members of the church work for while it is less than what others earn. Each member of the assembly knows what the church is involved in, what the pastor is paid and the general scope of the ministry; it is totally above board and TRANSPARENT. As a result they are faithful and sacrificial in their giving.

I think this is the problem we may have today. It is not that pastors or church leaders are tricking people; I believe we have many more faithful men and women in the ministry than the few tricksters that are around. The problem may be that at times we are not straightforward with our people relative to what the word of God says about giving. No gimmicks… Fancy tricks… just the purity of the word and the truth about the needs and financial demands of the work that has to be done. Whether it is building a building, hosting a convention, no matter what, we should speak the truth; teach the principle and let the Holy Spirit and conviction do the rest.

Let me say this, where I am pastoring at present, the Christ is the Answer Evangelistic Centre, Union Island, is my third pastoral assignment. Prior to this I had the honour of assisting a faithful pastor in Trinidad, Rev. Peter Regis, and then a stalwart of the faith in St Vincent, Rev. George Frederick.

In my combined seven years of ministry with these two men of God, I have never seen us use any gimmicks or fancy tricks to get people to give. The principles of scripture are taught, including that of sowing and reaping (this is a biblical principle), needs are clearly stated and the people gave willingly.

I know of many pastors who practice these principles, and money is not a problem because people are motivated. But you are right. There are a few bad apples who feel the need to work gymnastics on God’s people to get finances and move as though they are in a secret order concerning the management of God’s resources. But I am sure that these are in the minority.

The funny thing is though; although some tricksters may be in the creases of the ministry, raping people of their hard earned money, God will still bless the givers bountifully and they will see the rewards of their faithfulness. But woe unto the tricksters, woe unto them.

Pastor Jackson